live life

Life has so many ups and downs. It is a long process even though it is too short. It is sometimes like a tomato getting crush in the grinding machine, but the most remarkable thing is that the tomato after getting crush produce a good chutney.

So in our lives, we undergo a lot of painful crash,  which we as human sometimes fails to understand the value of those of those painful crushes.

Life is what we make it. It depends on how do you live it be it for bad or for good purposes. We sometimes tend to look only at the future and often forgot to look at the present. Living in the present is the best thing that we as human must do. It is futile to think of the future unless you start living the present.

So STOP looking or wondering about the future when you don’t even know how to live the present. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy it because you live only once. Enjoy your life.

Live according to your wish and not the wish of other. Sometimes you can’t just please all the people around you.



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