Where Are YOU

Where are YOU

 I often wonder how you’re getting without me

I fear that I failed to protect that I denied you

I thought that, that day would be a fine day


That you have cheated me hurts me

No one knows how I feel now

I saw that the clock had stopped

That you should say what you

Didn’t mean is very strange.

I didn’t see how you got out of this mess.

I don’t know what you really want

You never complained

Except that the day was cold

I went to see you to keep you warm

Till now I didn’t understand how it all happened

I paid attention to whatever I was hearing from you

It grieved me to hear that now

 You kept me aside.

I want to know how far it is from where we were,

I did begged you that my love be spared

I think you have made your choice and I respect that

But I would like to ask you

Can you guess what I really mean?

How our love get to an end is still a mystery

It is uncertain that we will be together again

I don’t know what we will be

Had you heard me crying

You would have understand

But now I understand what LOVE is

Which you taught ME

Where are you now I want you back again.


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