An Open Letter To You Dear Ex..


People say that Love is blind but to me it is just the opposite, it actually opens my eyes to see the world where love plays an important part in our relationship. It really teaches me about, what family, friendship and relationship is. It teaches me an important lesson in my life. It brings  me a lot of happiness and joy . For me personally love has no end, it is just like the vast blue sky that never fades away.

I am glad to write this open letter to you, you may think that I am out of my mind just like you were saying to me when we were together, but no I’m not. I write this open letter because I have no other means to communicate to you, though we live in the world of technology. I don’t want to mention the details now but as you read ahead you will come to know what a heart once upon a time you broke is still remembering you. Let me come to the point now.

I still really don’t know what really happened to us on that fateful Easter Holiday. It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that you want to end our tender and blooming relationship so suddenly. I didn’t have any glue what went wrong between us. I didn’t really know what was the reason and whose fault it was, whether it’s yours or mine, moreover I didn’t understand why you didn’t come to me by yourself and said that you just want to finish it off but you just sent those parting words by your friends not even counting me as a human, think now if I was doing that to you what would you have done? I was left with no words to say coz you just didn’t want to meet me and talked to me, I sent you mails, I send you sms, I called you but you didn’t reply. Is this the way we ought to be? Dear, I know that I was not as good and intelligence as someone else and I was not as perfect as you wanted me to be. I, you know as a human, I have many weaknesses and I didn’t want to deny that because it’s a fact.

I use to remember the days when we were together especially the days before I wanted to tell you that I love you, but those days now are just like clouds that faded away when rain comes. I thought that our love would last longer but it was just for a short time but even during those short times I’ve learned a lot from you, I’ve learned that in love, it doesn’t mean that we would be always on the right track or lines, there would be always something in between that would hampered our love.

Dear EX, I knew that you always wanted to be with me and I with you, you wanted me to talk to you, chat with you and make you smile and sometimes cry, but I firmly believe that love is not about being together bodily all the times, it is rather being together in one heart and mind that would make our relationship grow and prosper day by day. Dear I don’t want to lie to you. During those days I really want to be with you but I didn’t have enough time because I could not gave up my studies. I had to take care of my academic performance. I didn’t want to mention this as an excuse. I really loved you girl those days but found it difficult to express. Sometimes I just felt like you just wanna tried on me or you just want to test me as a person.

When I looked back now I have a doubt that you suspected and doubted me during those days when we were having fun. I really didn’t know why you wanted to part away from me, and now I want to know why because I can’t forget you.

After we broke off, you know, I was like a daydreamer, but the whole world know me that as a never give up guy, I didn’t allow those things to stop me from beginning a new life with out you. I knew that I needed to carry on with my life. It was after so many months we talked to each other again. I still remember the day when I asked you if we could be friend again, you just smile and come closer to me. I can’t forget you really; you got stuck in my mind. Now it’s been four years since I last saw you. I tried to call you but you already change you phone number, I tried to reach you but I could not.

I miss your smile and those dimples on your cheeks, I miss your bosom coz I didn’t get a chance to lie my head anymore, I miss your soft and lovely hands that used to touch my hair, I miss your sweet voice that sang that song “chei won kattu” by Ram suchiang. The one thing I asked of you now is to forget the wrongs that I have committed. I really miss you; I wish that we can meet again. Take care. I still love you. I’ll never allow the west wind to take away your face from my mind.

Bye take care, still loving YOU

From your Ex, Garmylo Pdang.



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