Boys want to marry?

What women want their husbands to be:

A carpenter, a plumber, a cook, a good father, a good husband, an understanding man, a money provider, a house keeper, a gardener, a driver, a doctor, a shopper, a cleaner, a painter,  a farmer, a guest incharge, a reader, a house keeper.

What women want from their husbands:

Give her times for rest, give her time for shopping, provide her a cup of coffee, give her sometimes with her mobile, drop the children to school, give her the best gift at her birthday, remember her birthday, her anniversary, her friend’s birthday, her favourite colour, her favourite food, her favourite movie, her favourite song, her favourite dresses, her favourite restaurant, her favourite slippers, her favourite car, her favourite flower, her favourite cinema, her favourite sunglases,


                           WHAT HUSBANDS WANT FROM THEIR WIVES:

                                     MOBILE, REST TIME AND T.V. REMOTE,


                                                              ISN’T  IT?

                                                   SO WANT TO MARRY ?

           Go for it, but never argue, coz women always win in an argument



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